And Away You Go! was established by Gary Braden in 2015 to help meet the needs of people who have busy lives or travel for business or pleasure. Your pets are an important part of your life. You want to provide the very best care for them and ensure they are safe, even when you can't be there. At And Away You Go! we understand this. We will meet them on their level and interact with them, whether that means playing, walking, cuddling, or just talking to them. We will maintain their routines as much as possible, to keep them happy, healthy, and safe in your home.  

And Away You Go! is a member in good standing of Pet Sitters International. As a member, we have the latest information, education and a worldwide network of professional pet sitters available to us. We are insured and bonded by Binks Insurance Brokers Limited, the leading insurance broker in the pet sitting industry. And Away You Go! Pet & Home Sitting Services is registered to conduct business in Manitoba.

Gary decided to start And Away You Go! when he realised how difficult it was to find responsible, professional people to look after our pets and homes when we couldn't be there. Gary has had and sat pets for over 20 years and is currently the shepherd of a cat and a dog. He has dealt with many personalities and situations over the years, gaining experience from each new contact. His unassuming personality has allowed him to quickly build bonds with many animals, even those which are picky about the people they trust. 

Gary believes in continuous learning. During his career he has attained three professional business designations, including the Certified Professional Pet Sitter accreditation provided by Pet Sitters International, completed Pet First Aid/CPR training, and attends seminars and webinars. 

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 Our first concern is for the health and happiness of your pet and the security of your home. Our second concern surrounds fulfilling our contractual obligations, so you can relax and enjoy your time away. To address these concerns we have implemented the following policies. 

  • A consultation meeting must be completed before services can be rendered. The meeting will discuss and determine the needs of your pet and home, what your expectations are, the length of the contract, and what charges will apply. 

  • A contract must be signed and in our hands no less than 1 week before services begin. 

  • Daily logs will be filled out to ensure all of the services we have agreed upon have been completed.

  • We are responsible for the health and safety of all you pets from the time we start until we finish an assignment. Appropriate charges will apply to all pets whether we are interacting with them or not.

  • Different pets have different visitation and activity needs. We may recommend more visits for your individual pets, but we have established a minimum number of visits per day for each type of animal we are entrusted with. We will not provide services below our minimums. Dog - 2 visits (recommend 3 visits); Puppies - varies with age; Cat - 1 visit; Bird with sleeping cover - 2 visits; Bird without sleeping cover - 1 visit; Fish - 1 visit; Reptiles and Amphibians - 1 visit; Caged pets including ferrets and rabbits - 1 visit.

  • Most home insurance requires visits to your home every one to three days. We will visit as often as you want, as long as they meet the minimums of your insurance. 

  • Information regarding you and your pet will never be used without your consent.  We will obtain your permission before posting pictures of your pets. 

  • All employees/contractors will submit to a Criminal Record Search and Vulnerable Sector Search prior to employment. A copy of the search can be viewed at the consultation.

  • All employees/contractors will have completed  pet first aid training within the first 3 months of their employment.

  • Dog walks will last 20- 30 minutes unless weather is extreme and would jeopardize your pet's health.  For such cases, we will take a shorter walk/outdoor break. The remainder of the time will be used for indoor play, cuddles and conversation.
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